How bad will the ride home get?

Traffic Anyone? Non Merci – J’en ai déjà assez.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get home without driving on Chemin Ste. Marie, unless I buy a helicopter. How long will the construction last on Chemin Ste Marie if the PPU goes through and how horrible will it get?

Just imagine the PPU impact: you add 5,000 more people with lots of cars. Will it look like this? No, but it won’t look good at all.

Even now the traffic is so congested that citizens like myself were going through MDA to avoid it. In fact, so many of us were doing this that MDA finally closed the road. How bad will it get? Will the construction be infinitely painful like most of Quebec construction. Can you imagine years and years of cement trucks and John Deere backhoes blocking what is essentially a two lane country road – a road that can’t be widened due to existing buildings and private lands. Will Kirkland and Senneville be impacted as well. Very likely they will. Kirkland residents will react as they did with the Pierrefonds Henri Daoust conflict, it will get very ugly folks!

How the hell will we get home?

If we use the construction project in downtown Ste. Anne as an example, will it take 3 years? I mean that was relatively simple, only one street and it has been killing the merchants for over 3 years. Imagine a whole development with 5,000 people and multiple cars per family as is the case in the North Sector! How many years will that take with the City’s horrible track record?

Right now downtown Ste. Anne looks like a scene from Black Hawk Down – looks like the city was just nuked, we could be in Iraq after a bomb goes off. The truth is that the merchants are really hurting from this unacceptable mismanaged mess. Another reason to kill the PPU. Oh, and let’s not forget the overpass at the Ste. Anne’s exit – another fiasco. When will that be fixed? In time for the next Montreal Olympics?
The story immediately below is from the Montreal Gazette.
Read the full story, By ALYCIA AMBROZIAK, The Gazette March 14, 2012

This is the construction downtown of our South Sector at its worst. Imagine Chemin Ste. Marie and other streets in our North Sector potentially looking like this for the next few years.


Construction Photo – Downtown Ste. Anne – Source: citesnouvelles, le 25 mai 2012

In summary, as a consequence of the so called North sector densification, it is reasonable to expect more traffic, additional noise and pollution, and possibly an increase in crime. What were the results of the traffic and quality of life analysis. How will Chemin Ste. Marie handle the additional traffic? When will the overpass at the Ste. Anne’s exit be repaired – why hasn’t it been repaired, lack of funds? What will happen if the other overpasses need repair, who will fund?

Will the traffic impact Kirkland and Senneville and are the citizens of those communities fully aware? The new stop at Industrial is already creating congestion at rush hour, citizens had been bypassing this intersection by going through company parking lots – but the companies have blocked access, will this intersection get even worse with the additional traffic? How long will construction on Chemin Ste. Marie last and how will we get home since it is the only artery? Pierrefonds is also developing and thousands more cars. This will be a nightmare.

Will additional police and public security be added to maintain order? Who will pay for all of this?

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