Act Now!

Act Now! Help Stop a Destructive and Irreversible process called the PPU.

No to unwanted poorly planned development. No to urban sprawl. No to fiscal uncertainty. No to higher taxes. No to townhouses, condos, apartments. Yes to retaining our property values.

No to traffic congestion, overcrowding, increased crime, and air pollution. Imagine Chemin Ste. Marie, shown below on a typical ride home, with 2,500 more cars! Yes to a safe healthy green community with schools and recreational parks.

No to the extinction of our deer herd, migratory birds, and unique wildlife.
Yes to the wetlands, environment, and fresh air.

Stop the PPU: to protect Ste. Anne de Bellevue, our environment, its wildlife, our property values, and our quality of life, for ourselves, our children, and their children. Read about how the PPU will impact you and your community – economically, environmentally, and our day to day lives.

Critical Documents
1. Résumé du projet de règlement modifiant le plan d’urbanisme 04-047
2. PPU Programme Particulier D’urbanisme

Voice your complaints
Write, phone, or email your city councilor

Councillors – You Elected Them.
You can also elect them out.

Our supporters
On May 28th only two Councilors publicly stood up and agreed to support the interests of the citizens of the North in redefining the PPU. You can email them:
Paola L. Hawa
Ryan Young

The others
The other gang won’t even tell us why they support the PPU – why won’t they? What’s in it for them, an empire with more golden toilets? You can email them:
Francis Deroo
Jay Van Wagner
James Anderson
Michel Bouassaly
Gerry Lavigne – doesn’t seem to have an email. You can phone him.

Email your councillors and ask them to vote no to the PPU in its present form.

If they aren’t willing to represent your interests, ask them whose interests are they supporting instead?

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