Poorly Planned Urbanization

What we do know.

  1. We sold land to a developer for $3.12 per square foot which is not a bad deal at all, for the developer that is. We don’t know why public lands were sold so cheaply. Why did only one developer get to bid?
  2. The land we gave away is rare and unique, comprised of beautiful forests and wetlands, home to a herd of deer and nesting grounds for migratory birds including endangered species.
  3. We’re going to build on that land, not just single family homes but also some townhouses and condos.
  4. We’re going to add lots of people and lots of cars to that neighbourhood, the traffic is going to get real bad. The new residents will drive their cars down Ste. Marie, but we can’t expand Ste. Marie. If the council was stupid enough to try to widen it, all it would lead to are bottlenecks.
  5. We will need to provide the condo and townhouse dwellers with sewers, good ones too because building on wetlands invites flooding – we already have flooding problems.
  6. They will need water, the same brown drinking water as us – yes we have water problems.
  7. If the new residents are nice we’ll let them use our parks because they won’t have any soccer field or big parks. I guess they can also go to Kirkland and use their parks, I’m sure Kirkland won’t mind the influx of 5,000 new people.
  8. We also know that construction in our city doesn’t always go smoothly – that’s why downtown Ste. Anne’s looked like a scene from the war flick Black Hawk Down for several years. In fact, it still looks like hell, they did a crap job. Talk to the merchants, they aren’t very happy with our Mayor and council.
  9. And finally we know that our Mayor and council love to spend our tax dollars. Paying $200,000 to $250,000 for 1 toilet sounds reasonable to them. For that money you could buy a small house with three toilets.

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