What is the blog about?
This blog is dedicated to the citizens of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue who are fighting Poorly Planned Urbanization. Citizens who have been betrayed by the Quebec Government and the City of Montreal and who are fed up with the lack of candor and transparency of our local politicians.

It reflects my views and personal opinions regarding the PPU. I try to be objective but it’s hard when you’re dealing with politics – particularly with policies that aren’t transparent. I’m sure this site reflects, at least in part, the views of the hundreds of citizens who signed the hard copy and online versions of the petition. The same citizens who came out in force on May 28th and tore the Mayor and his council a new one.

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We all know the developer will be eating steak. But what’s on the citizen’s menu? A huge helping of crap is what’s in store for all the citizens of Sainte-Anne’s if the current PPU (development plan) isn’t stopped. Keep Ste. Anne green, stop the urban sprawl, and let the city of Montreal keep its rigged bids and organized crime led construction industry.

Is there a Petition?
Yes. Hundreds of people signed the printed version. There is also an electronic version. The purpose of the petition is to get the Mayor and Council to conduct the proper impact analysis of the PPU on the environment, on our property values, on our taxes, on town finances, and on everyone’s quality of life. The analysis must be rigorous and accurate, but most importantly it must be objective – therefore it must be done by third parties selected in consultation with representatives of the community (citizens). The text of the petition is shown below.

Sign the Petition – Signez la Petition

Pétition des gens concernés par le nouveau PPU
(Programme Particulier d’Urbanisme) qui sera
proposé le 28 mai prochain, par le Conseil
Municipal de Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.


People concerned about the new PPU
(special planning program – PPU) to be proposed
by the Sainte Anne de Bellevue Council
on May 28, 2012.
C’est dans ce contexte que nous exigeons avant l’adoption du PPU, que Conseil Municipal de Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue effectue une étude sérieuse, réfléchie, objective et réalisée par une firme externe choisie par tous les membres du conseil de la ville de SAB sur les points suivants :
Impact économique
Impact environnemental
Impact sur la circulation


It is within this context that we demand that before the
adoption of PPU, the Council of Sainte Anne de Bellevue
mandate serious, thorough, independent and objective
studies by specialized external firms chosen by all members of the Council of the city of SAB on the following:
Economic Impact
Environmental Impact
Traffic Impact

Sign the Petition – Signez la Petition


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If you really want to complain about the PPU, in a manner that goes well beyond the petition, you can make a formal complaint to the provincial government:

Les plaintes relatives aux municipalités. Le ministère des Affaires municipales, des Régions et de l’Occupation du territoire veille à la saine administration du système municipal, dans l’intérêt des municipalités et des citoyens. À cet égard, et ce depuis de nombreuses années, tout citoyen peut porter à l’attention du ministre des situations problématiques en regard des dispositions législatives encadrant les municipalités et les élus municipaux.

Formuler une plainte

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