Canadians Respond to Vandalism

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John Builder · Chief Ranger at The Wall
Canada Post built the base in a Pierrefonds green space without consultation. Too funny, Coderre and the Mafia who rule the city plan to destroy those exact spaces. Goodbye L’anse a L’Orme green spaces, Hello traffic congestion. Worst Mayor in the History of any City

Francis O’Boyle · Chambersburg Area Senior High School
Canada Post in going to install a super mailbox on my lawn soon. How long do you think it will take for the police to come and get me if I take a jackhammer to it???? I hope coderre thinks he is not above the law!!

Frederick Peitzsche · University of British Columbia Okanagan
Malicious act of vandalism, hope the full force of the law lands him in jail.

Mike Lapidus · Montreal, Quebec

Willy Constant Maples Inn · Works at Rio Recording Studios
A Federal Offence punishable by 2 yrs. in Jail !

Chris Gallagher · Vancouver, British Columbia
Arrest him just like any other vandal.

Abraham Shtevi
Coderre is not mayoral material

Kevin OConnor · Busker at Self Employed (Business)
What was that sign I read on a public pay phone years ago ?
“We are unable to maintain service at this location. Sorry for the inconvenience.” – probably going to be Canada Posts response to politicians ripping up their mail boxes.

Wayne Ouellette · Novosibirsk State University
Dennis is a self indulged, mirror loving embarassment. He is oblivious to his image, almost to a point of comedy. A true liberal.

David Jones · Winnipeg, Manitoba
The man does not understand leadership. If he thinks it is OK to do this, where is the limit for other people who disagree with a particular issue take their fight? Violence? This is political incorrectness at its best. I hope he is charged with vandalisim.

Raffaele Brescia · Concordia
He should be treated just as another citizen and then some. He should show good examples and not taunt the justice department. There are many laws which I do not agree with but if i break the law I will and should suffer the full extend of the law. He should not be unpunished. He preached that the firemen and police officers should show respect for their uniforms and the public who pay their salaries. Did Coderre forget who pays his salary?