The Apogee of Arrogance

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Mayor Coderre commits an illegal act in Pierrefonds punishable by up to 2 years in jail and his excuse is ” He called Canada Post “arrogant” and said the installation of mailboxes in green spaces and parks is “totally disgraceful”.
source: The Gazette

Do Montreal voters realize that he plans to destroy those same green spaces in Pierrefonds? Who is he kidding? Why will our tax dollars be used to repair his vandalism? Why are there two sets of laws, one for rich politicians and one for the rest of us?

It’s the apogee of arrogance to use green spaces as an excuse for a crime when you are planning to develop that land and in the process create the worst traffic nightmares in Montreal, right in our West Island backyard.

Hopefully the police will be arresting him real soon – on the other hand he hired the police chief so don’t hold your breath.

In passing, this is a good read as well for those new to this dossier:

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