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We all know how corrupt Montreal is, we all know that green spaces promote better health for us and our children. Here are 10 reasons to oppose a greed fueled destructive construction project where citizens derive zero benefits while they will lose out financially. Additionally, the poor suckers who buy homes in this new development (wetlands, floodplains), if the courts don’t do the right thing to stop it, will be battling floods every year and will not receive any compensation from insurers for the damage to their homes.

1. This development will destroy the ecosystem and its local and unique biodiversity.
2. It will have a negative effect in the quality of life of citizens by bringing more than 10,000 cars.
3. Would increase property taxes for all Borough residents who will pay for the construction of this residential development in a non-serviced area.
4. Property values will go down from increased supply and due to the loss of green spaces:
On average, adjacent to a protected and enhanced natural environment, there is a land value increase of up to 32 per cent. Most studies conducted on this go on to say this.
5. The property in question is owned by a group of people and companies that are linked to a who’s who of the Montreal Mafia.
6. The complaint alleges the owner of the company, Jean-Pierre Grilli, influenced Pierrefonds-Roxboro’s elected officials to kick start the residential development of the borough’s western territory
7. The letter suggests David Cliche of ACB Consultants failed to declare he made the switch over to the private sector on the sensitive development issue in an apparent conflict of interest
8. L’Opposition officielle fait d’ailleurs remarquer que Catherine Clément-Talbot, présidente du comité consultatif d’urbanisme et membre du parti de Denis Coderre, a sollicité des dons à la famille Grilli, l’un des promoteurs impliqués dans le projet.
9. Green spaces provide respite from the heat and noise of the city, perform important purification activities for air, water, and soil, and provide habitat for all manner of biodiversity
10. On Transparency: Le plus gros projet de développement immobilier de l’histoire récente de Montréal se négocie derrière des portes closes depuis 10 ans. Des négociations et des échanges de terrains avec des promoteurs, dont certains sont liés à la mafia, ont eu lieu dans la plus grande opacité.

Sign the online petition to end the madness and please email the link or pass this on to another 10 people and have them do the same.