The Master Plans

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City of Montreal, Corrupt Officials and Hypocrites.

General goals

Protect and enhance the natural environments of the Rivière à l’Orme ecoterritory
Foster the harmonious integration of urban development and road projects with natural environments of ecological value
Improve road access to the area in order to support the development of certain parts of the area
Support urbanization that encourages public transportation and bicycle use

Planning issues

The L’Anse-à-l’Orme area is characterized by rich rural landscapes within the Borough of Pierrefonds – Senneville and by large natural areas of high ecological value: Rivière à l’Orme (the only river on the Island that is bordered by floodplains), wetlands and forests of interest, especially Angell Woods. These natural environments make up the Rivière à l’Orme ecoforest corridor, where development control will be exercised by the City in order to preserve its character and enhance its natural assets.

Urban development and the required extensions to transportation and other infrastructure could jeopardize the integrity of the area’s ecosystems and the sustainability of its landscapes.

Source: City of Montreal