Pierrefonds’ Dirty Little Secret

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Thanks to reporters like the Gazette’s Linda Gyulai the secret behind the Mafia owning Pierrefonds land is out – bet the Mayors didn’t want that one to come out. We also know about illegal and unethical lobbyists. Thanks to Green advocates like Sue Stacho (Sauvons l’Anse-à-l’Orme) and the Legacy Project, citizens are standing up for their rights in the courtroom.

But there is one more little secret that needs to get more attention. The land in question is one giant floodplain. Any poor bastards who are dumb enough to buy a house there will regret it. No matter how much drainage you plan, no matter how many retention basins you dig, your house will have a high probability of being completely flooded. And don’t expect the sump pump to save you.

Just look at what is happening today in Kirkland at the Dog Park to get an idea. Look at the parking lot near the movie theater in Kirkland as well. Do you really think the developer will give a shit about making it safe? And don’t kid yourselves, insurance will not help as insurers are not stupid enough to cover water damage for houses developed on floodplains.

The same problem currently exists in SADB North and will get much worse because the town has capitulated under the fear of being sued and SADB will further destroy green spaces and forests.