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Dear Mayor and Councillors

If our town truly believes in democracy, it would be gracious on your part to do a better job informing the public that the festering wound called development is once more open for business.

Its my understanding that few people turned out for the information sessions compared to 2012. Having spoken to neighbors I can tell you it wasn’t for lack of interest. Rather it was is due to poor communication on the Town’s part.

All I saw myself was a white sheet inserted in the waste management brochure, caught just before it was recycled. I’m hopeful that wasn’t intentional, to bury it so nobody would read it?

The Town needs not only to let the citizens know about this PPU, but more importantly its potential consequences. You can’t go back in time to fix this once it’s screwed up.

As Mayor and council hopefully you will play that role of informing the public on sides of this undertaking. Making sure key issues are presented, not just ecological and traffics one:

For example, was any analysis done on how our property taxes will be impacted? Will they go up or down? By how much? Was any analysis done on the impact on our property values? Does the real estate market behave the same way as other markets? The more houses (supply) the less people are willing to pay for them (demand)? What is the impact on property values when the green spaces that made this area so attractive turn into concrete? When traffic intensifies?

Will SADB becomes Pierrefonds with its street gangs? Will the property values go up or down? For every 10% our property value decline, and they will (Real Estate 101), our home owners will lose 40,000 to 80,000. If that number is more likely 20%, well you can do the math.

What about the West Island overall. Was analysis done on its infrastructure? Will the Lakeshore Hospital be able to handle all the extra people, not only from our town, but from all the other developments that are planned? What about water and other infrastructure? We don’t live in isolation.

In passing, why should I attend an info session run by people who make their money helping developers get their way? Why should I waste my time? These people are not biologists, they are consultants. The only reason they are in business is because of development. Remove development and you remove their mandates, they are out of business. They are there to mislead the public, to save their own jobs.

And having Montreal lackeys lead sessions? Is there any organization more corrupt than the city of Montreal? You are all aware of the Charbonneau commission, what went on and what likely continues to go on in Montreal with respect to development?

In 2012 a team was in place to make sure our community knew it planned to be raped. The results were spectacular. Unfortunately this team has self-destructed. There is no one left to inform and represent the people. What a shame.

What does remain is that people, North and South, are against development. Sadly, they don’t know what is happening and they are under the mistaken belief that is about traffic congestion.

Info Sainte Anne de Bellevue

Municipalities have the important powers to protect their natural environment. If exercised within the proper procedures, the exercise of these powers do not constitute “disguised expropriation”
It is therefore possible, strategically, for a municipality to decide that an area within its territory, which is a particularly rich natural environment, is not to be subject to development, simply by not allowing the infrastructure required to serve the area to be built. (art 116 of the Act). These provisions of a zoning by-law would not be considered disguised expropriation because the legislature specifically permits it.

Source: Protection of natural environments by municipalities: authorities and arguments, By Me Jean-François Girard