Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue’s development plan

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Here we go again. Shabby journalism at its best, whether the local newspapers penned by high school dropouts or the Gazette West Island Blog. Kathryn Greenaway – gotta love that name, take the green away – writes an incomplete biased piece here.

Best response so far:

This story, and similar ones in West Island papers, sound more like press releases for the developers (money launderers) than local journalism. It’s sad that only the town’s perspective is presented. What is deplorably lacking, and I doubt any studies were done to that effect, is how citizens will suffer as the town and big construction companies (Charbonneau commission) prosper.

Why doesn’t anyone report on how property values in the North will decrease by 20% or more? That’s about $80,000 to $100,000 of your equity flushed down the drain. Why? Two reasons. First, your current property valuation reflects an intangible asset: the proximity to green spaces. Remove the green spaces and your house is suddenly worth a lot less. Secondly, there is more competition for selling houses because there are more houses. Whether you’re on the market or not you lose.

How about the analysis on property taxes? Was that done? Well, your property taxes will go up for sure because the costs of all the services and the portion of the infrastructure assumed by the town will be very high – these projects always go over budget, just ask Dr. Porter.

Finally, I laughed so hard at one article that said the traffic increase would be “acceptable”. Acceptable? Sure, just like waiting 14 hours with a broken arm at the ER of the Lakeshore Hospital is acceptable. We really need more traffic on the West Island. As it is, the 1 hour or more commute from downtown is acceptable. Yeah, acceptable to the developers.