The Truth About our Lands

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In Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, there are a few key issues, but the one that is attracting the most attention is the future of development in the north end of the town. The last council proposed a development plan that would have doubled the population of the town. It was the focus of intense debate leading to it being shelved.

Quote from the West Island Gazette

Fact: Citizens don’t want development in their backyards. They said so loud and clear and this is why our forests and wetlands are still there for all to enjoy. The green spaces also increase the value of our homes by 20 to 30%: that’s millions of dollars to potentially lose as a community. Source.
Myth: Development is inevitable. If that were the case there wouldn’t be any green spaces in Montreal. We need to pressure the city or province to buy back the land and invest in parks like the Parc-nature du Bois-de-l’Île-Bizard. See the city’s commitment below. Once corruption is reduced, the city and province will have the funds for this purchase but it could take years – we can wait because the land is frozen.
Fact: Montreal (PMAD) has a stated goal to preserve 17% of Greater Montréal’s territory to maintain biodiversity. That 17% will be impossible to reach unless SADB stays green, we need them to buy back the land. Source: Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal
Fact: Our lands are currently frozen by an RCI. They are also zoned Industrial, not residential. So why talk about residential development when the zoning doesn’t allow it?

Myth: The landowners have the right to build. Wrong. Our town has the legal right to protect its forests and wetlands. Source: PMAD
Myth: We should feel sorry for the landowners. Wrong on two counts, they bought the land knowing it was zoned industrial. Secondly, we as property owners have much more invested in our homes than the value of their land.
Fact: You don’t want to build homes on wetlands, it invites constant flooding. These lands are susceptible to landslides as well. Read this and this.
Myth: Increased population means lower taxes. Wrong, it means higher taxes to pay for all the increased services, it increases traffic, pollution, and crime.
Fact: Additional housing will decrease our property values because of increased competition – it becomes a buyer’s market – particularly when cheap housing and condos spring up.

Fact: Our lands were sold under interesting conditions. Land sale controversy has election undertones. Don’t fret, the Charbonneau commission will eventually make its way to the West Island and it will be interesting to see the headlines.
Myth: We have to develop because we have so much debt and we are losing revenue from the Hospital and blah, blah, blah. Stop the whining please. Debt will be reduced by proper management, not by raising taxes. No more $300,000 toilets.
Opinion: Remember, our land would have to be rezoned in order to destroy it. Do we really want the real estate and construction industries exploiting our community? Have we learned anything from Tremblay, Vailancourt, Applebaum, and company?

Applebaum was arrested in June in connection with two projects, the NDG Sports Centre and a condo project near Mount Royal. The projects allegedly involved zoning changes and bribes worth tens of thousands of dollars that transpired between 2006 and 2011

Source: CTV NEWS