Warning – Real Estate Conflicts

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Just received this email from a well known citizen’s group. Would like to share it although the content has already appeared on other facebook/social media sites. We wrote about this ourselves. Read Here.

This communication comes to you from concerned citizens and to make you aware of facts instead of something else. If you had any doubts that this SADB election campaign is primarily about the development of SADB north – and developers, real estate agents that are hungry to get their hands on the millions of $$$ at stake – doubt no more….

If a candidate mentions that SADB:

· – has no choice but to issue building permits to the land owner, or otherwise,

· – would have to purchase the land from the landowner.

Please note that this is NOT factual.

The truth is that SADB is currently in a most “enviable” position with respect to the legal power and control it can exercise over development. Please refer to the below jurisprudence excerpt:

· – “Ceci explique pourquoi nous sommes d’avis qu’une municipalité peut protéger intégralement les milieux humides sous tenure privée se trouvant sur son territoire, sans être obligée d’en faire l’acquisition – par expropriation ou autrement – et sans que cela constitue de l’expropriation déguisée. Notons, au passage, comment la Cour accorde une importance intrinsèque à la protection d’un « écosystème riche et important pour le milieu environnant »”

· – Cour suprême – Frelighsburg avait le droit de freiner le développement du mont Pinacle – http://www.ledevoir.com/societe/justice/65312/cour-supreme-frelighsburg-avait-le-droit-de-freiner-le-developpement-du-mont-pinacle

· – L’affaire Sutton – http://www.cqde.org/analyses/l%E2%80%99affaire-sutton-et-la-protection-du-couvert-forestier-une-porte-ouverte-sur-le-developpement-durable/

If you are hear differently, it is simply because some are not informed or trying to sell you something else!

Citizens of the North, be vigilant!