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Some pretty interesting comments from Facebook. In passing, to our readers, it is a lie and huge lie that SADB has to buy back any land from any landowner – the law is the law.

It has come to my attention that some candidates are spewing falsehoods – either in an attempt to intentionally mislead the electorate, or through sheer ignorance of the laws. I will leave it to you to interpret their motivations. For me, I have heard these standard “developer/promoter” lines many times; they are despicable attempts to dissuade the citizens from exercising their rights. Not this time….!

It is totally false and untrue to say that SADB has no choice but to issue building permits to the land owner. Equally, it is totally false to say that SADB would have to purchase the land from the landowner. Nothing could be further from the truth! SADB is currently in a most “enviable” position with respect to the legal power and control it can exercise over development. We, as residents hold all the cards -I challenge anyone to dispute my statements – with “facts” not just “fear mongering, empty falsehoods”.

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A concerned citizen of Lanthier street wants the following to be spread to as many citizens as possible: Paul Chablo came to his house and told him that Sainte-Anne de Bellevue has no choice but to let Grilli build what he wants or the city has to buy the land back from him. That is a lie. This citizen knew it because he has followed the PPU debate for the last 4 years and Paola’s efforts to stop the high density PPU. Sainte anne de Bellevue has in place right now, all the right reglementation to decide what it does with said land, for the best interest of it’s citizens and with respect to the environment. Then, when our friend asked Mr Chablo why he never attended council meetings, Chablo actually answered that whenever he needed something, he went directly to the Mayor… So there you have it! This election is a very important one and if we let the old team get in, with Chablo as Mayor, they will let Grilli develop Anse à l’Orme woods with a high density development like the 2012 PPU that 400 people showed up to reject and denounce in May 2012 at the school gym” and that project would seriously impact the value of our homes. Spread the truth to your neighbors and tell them to inform themselves.

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