Your Election Guide

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The last four years have been, to say the least, brutal for the town of Sainte Anne de Bellevue. After voting one mediocre mayor out we sadly replaced him what is very possibly the most incompetent Mayor and council in the history of this jewel of a town, perhaps the worst team in the history of the West Island for that matter. It would take a novel to describe all the fiascos –but let’s just name a few: the overpasses, the reconstruction of the downtown core, the golden toilet, the PPU, and our debt which is skyrocketing.

Thankfully we did have Paola Hawa as a shining beacon. Without Paola Sainte Anne de Bellevue could have possibly ended up under provincial trusteeship as did Laval – not for dishonesty but rather for sheer stupidity, a total lack of fiscal responsibility, and absence of proper judgment. Ryan Young is also worthy of praise. Ryan and Paola both advocated doing things right as well as doing the right things. Neither voted for the $300,000 Golden Toilet – an atrocious waste of money to pacify a restaurant owner at the taxpayer’s expense.

Fast forward to November 2013 – we’re faced with a new election and honestly we can’t afford to make another mistake that could destroy our town forever. So in the interests of making the right choices, this is our humble guide to who we feel would be the best candidates for SAdB. Only the candidates worth mentioning are considered below – the Old Boys Club need to retire so they can’t do any more damage.

Mayor: this is a no-brainer as only one candidate has all the qualities together with the relevant experience to manage a town effectively. That person is Paola Hawa. She is competent, honest, transparent, and so much more. Add to that years of experience and you have the best person for the job by a mile.
Council District 1: Two candidates get the nod of approval, Manrico Biscotti and Dana Chevalier. I think either one would be good.
Council District 2: Another easy one, Ryan Young. Ryan is very well respected in the community and at John Abbott College where he teaches. He is sensitive to fiscal issues as well as our environment. Go Ryan!
Council District 3: Another tough call. Claude Tellier and Lise-Anne Briand are the best candidates in this district. Flip a coin on this one but my vote would be with Lise-Anne.
Council District 4: Thankfully this one is much easier – Daniel Boyer all the way. We don’t know Dan personally but have heard so many good things about him from many different neigbhours. Time for new blood in this district, Dan’s the man.
Council District 5: Yvan Labelle is really focused on making sure we have a better town and a stronger community. He has our vote without any doubt. Yvan will be a strong new addition to the council.
Council District 6: Michel Boudreault is a very sharp individual, particularly with numbers. He is one of my favourite candidates and I know he will make a huge contribution to the new council, particularly on those issues that really count – the financial ones.

So there you have it – the dream team for 2013.