Traffic congestion – Get your vote right

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Taxpayers/citizens have had enough with the traffic but the real estate promoter candidate who is running for Mayor will make sure the traffic doubles or triples. This candidate is backed by all the Old Boys who voted for high density, high traffic, high taxes development: Deroo, Lavigne (the puppet master), Anderson, and Michel Boulsally.

Don’t want traffic? Then vote for Paola Hawa.

From the Suburban News
Traffic congestion and improved transportation top election concerns

“I have to get up half an a hour earlier to drive to work these days.”
“If I don’t leave by seven, it takes me an hour to get in.”
“I’d take public transportation but there aren’t enough trains (buses).”
Whether you live in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Ile Bizard, Beaconsfield or DDO, talk of increased wait times in traffic jams has been increasing for the last two years and now with a municipal election on the horizon, this is what citizens on and off the island are talking about. Without exception.
More than a year and a half ago, a $ 22 million study was commissioned by the MTQ regarding the feasibility of the Train De L’Ouest project, which has an estimated cost in 2013 dollars at a shade above one billion dollars.
Clifford Lincoln, co-founder of the TDL coalition, is awaiting the details of the report but remains “positive for an outcome although the project will likely be done in stages which is fine as the issue is to get it started.”
Supporters of the train project that would see bi hourly trains go from Vaudreuil all the way to the city centre have told Lincoln it is a necessity since “driving is a nightmare during peak rush hour traffic. Reserved bus lanes are only a stopgap as they do not take enough passengers whereas a train can accommodate many commuters at once.”
Progress is being made in some areas like the borough of Lachine will be getting an additional train station and the STM’s addition of Express buses throughout the West Island are examples of the public transit agencies trying to augment ridership.
Baie d’Urfe Mayor Maria Tutino would like the AMT to add three more daily train trips on the Vaudreuil-Hudson line while waiting for the eventual Train De L’Ouest project that could take “thousands of cars off the road.”
“At city hall, we’re not only hearing about drivers finding it longer to get around, I’m living it,” said Tutino who finds she has to drive in almost two hours earlier to ensure she is on time for a meeting in the city. “Congestion starts earlier and earlier and the major work on Turcot hasn’t even started yet.”
Lincoln, Tutino and many daily commuters know that some form of frequent, reasonably priced and reliable public transportation would serve as a much needed reprieve for drivers spending more and more time getting around in their cars every day