Media on Viaduc Gate

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Richard Nixon had Watergate. Napoleon had his Waterloo, hopefully will Deroo – Viaduc Gate the incredible overpass scandal. It’s hard to keep track of all the negative media coverage our Mayor is receiving but here is a summary. This is small consolation for the merchants who lost business and the commuters who lost so much time in traffic, for nothing. Click on any title to link to the full article.

Town takes heat for keeping most of reports on condemned overpasses from public

Exit 41: The plot thickens. Only 1 piece of info made public: ‘No emergency repairs required’

Why won’t Ste-Anne come clean on overpass fiasco?

All roads led to questionable decisions in Ste-Anne

Why didn’t anyone on Ste. Anne council read the engineering report before condemning the Exit 41 overpassese?

Overpasses didn’t need to be closed