Covering Up

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We now know that the Overpass at Exit 41 should never have been closed. But we still don’t know why. Mayor Deroo refused to release documents from the engineering firm until he was obliged by law. Unfortunately another law allowed him to obscure much of the content in the report. Sadly, when the report was released, after so many denied requests, it was heavily redacted. Redaction means taking a black felt pen and concealing paragraphs and sentences. But why conceal this information?

Whoever did it was obviously asked to hide information, but why? What is being hidden from the public? Sadly for the person who was responsible, they forgot one very important piece – which confirmed the truth. “N.B.: Aucune intervention d’urgence”. Which means no urgency, no need to close the overpass.

This was years ago, so what is the impact now? First, what could have been simple repairs will now cost millions because of neglect. Secondly, our Merchants suffered huge losses, many going out of business, because of the combination of this closure and the endless nightmare of construction on the downtown main drag.

No matter where you stand on this issue, the real question is “Why is the truth being hidden from the people of the West Island?”

Councillor Ryan Young said the city administration should make the full reports accessible to the public, considering the matter has dragged on for more than two years.

The resolution, however, was ignored, Hawa charges. The study was never conducted. The situation was never updated.

Photo and background material from the Gazette.