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Ste.Anne Refuse, our answer to all the other citizen groups pushing back against Hydro Quebec’s potentially cancer-causing reporting meters, held their first meeting yesterday. Thanks go out to our own Elizabeth and the guest speakers from Villeray Refuse and Pointe-Claire Refuse for a great and very informative session.

All citizens owe it to themselves and their families to get informed about the known or suspected dangers of these meters. Sure Health Canada say they are safe but Health Canada has been wrong so many times before – about Thalidomide, Asbestos, Vioxx…and many other dangerous products.

On a sad note, the Mayor didn’t bother showing up (although invited), and apparently he didn’t even answer. On an even sadder note, our City Hall refused the group the use of Harpell Center. Instead Elizabeth had to rent out a church and paid out of her own pocket. Shame on the town of Ste. Anne. Will citizens remember this in November when hopefully we vote the Mayor and council out.

For more information on the meters:


Here is a list of cities, who unlike SADB, show by their actions that they care about the health of their citizens. These municipalities have asked for a moratorium on the meters. Kudos to them, council and citizens.
Sutton (5 mars 2012)
Lac-des-aigles (5 mars 2012)
North Hatley (2 avril 2012)
Saint-Thomas (2 avril 2012)
Saint-Pierre-de-Lamy (7 mai 2012)
Saint-Marc-du-lac-Long (7 mai 2012)
Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc (7 mai 2012)
Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! (7 mai 2012)
Saint-Athanase (7 mai 2012)
Sainte-Sophie-d’Halifax (12 juin 2012)
Saint-Liguori (5 nov. 2012)
Saint-Colomban (8 nov. 2012)
Sainte-Marceline-de-kildare (10 déc. 2012)
Dorval (18 mars 2013)
Lachine (15 avril 2013)
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