Viaduc Gate

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Brenda O’Farrell, Gazette journalist, finally got the evidence the Mayor had refused to give her. Proof that the overpass at Exit 41 did not need to be closed. Proof that for years merchants have been losing business because of the exit closure. Isn’t this Viaduc Gate a great reason for the Mayor to resign immediately?

Exit 41: The plot thickens. Only 1 piece of info made public: ‘No emergency repairs required’

Source: The Gazette

In separate requests, The Gazette and a few residents of Ste. Anne de Bellevue applied to gain access to the town’s reports that supposedly justified the decision to condemn two overpasses on the north side of westbound Highway 40 at Exit 41 in March 2011.

The note was succinctly clear: “N.B.: Aucune intervention d’urgence.”

Now, it is more than two years later. The highway exit is still closed. There is still no plan in place to repair or replace the overpasses, and Ste. Anne and Transport Quebec are locked in a stalemate over the issue of who is going to pay to repair or replace them.

One resident asked: “What are you hiding? The truth?”

The whole thing was mishandled from the day the Deroo administration turned its attention to it. Of course, knowing this doesn’t solve anything. But maybe it can clear the way this November for voters to give a new administration a chance to fix things.