Lies, Deceit, or Deception?

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Pick one of the above. More on the breaking scandal in SADB concerning the overpass that should never have been closed. Merchants have lost considerable business and commuters are forced to make long detours – all apparently for nothing.

Town takes heat for keeping most of reports on condemned overpasses from public
Source: The Gazette

While the formal recommendations in the documents obtained by The Gazette have been redacted, on at least two inspection summary sheets from 2009 an engineer from Genivar notes that no emergency intervention is required for the overpasses at Exit 41 at Ste-Marie Rd.

Councillor Ryan Young said the city administration should make the full reports accessible to the public, considering the matter has dragged on for more than two years.

Resident Lucie Marceau questioned why the full report can’t be made public. “What are you hiding? The truth?”

Members of council are also now divided on the matter, with councillor Paola Hawa suggesting the city should reconsider repairing the existing structure as opposed to replacing it with a proposed new T-interchange. She added it is deplorable the study and reports were only released to the public in redacted form.