How to Cripple Merchants

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First keep people from walking the streets by endless construction. Second, close the exit that leads to the downtown area indefinitely. That should do it. Bravo Mr. Mayor.

Source: The Gazette

“It took too long,” Ken Robinson, the summer manager at Peter’s Cape Cod Restaurant, said. “A lot of our regulars are senior citizens and walk with canes or walkers. They can’t walk across a broken street or walk up a hill to a parking lot. After two or three years of this, our regulars will stop coming.”

Robinson was happy the street work was done but continues to be concerned about the effect on business of the ongoing exit closings on Highway 40, which make accessing the village trickier.

“Over the last two years I’d say business dropped between 30 and 50 per cent,” Robinson said. “Back in the good old days, there were lineups to get in. But (owner Peter Vlashos) has survived because he has a loyal following.”

Walk east from Peter’s Cape Cod and you see empty storefronts. Some businesses did not survive the turmoil.

Are the Mayor and council destroying the town willfully or out of total incompetence?