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Why SADB is going to the dogs

Almost everyone from the greater West Island knows how badly our Ste Anne de Bellevue merchants are struggling. The never ending road construction on the main drag, a testament to the incompetence of the current administration, has incredibly hurt the local economy. It has certainly contributed to many stores sadly going out of business.

Overall, the downtown core is looking very much like a ghost town.

Now that summer is here, merchants are praying for the construction to end – this is such a critical time period for them given how short the season is. Particularly concerned are the restaurants with their popular terraces looking out over the lake. Hopefully things will pick up, but it won’t be because the mayor and council have done anything to help out. On the contrary. The administration which closed the overpass needlessly and has frivously spent over a quarter of a million dollars on one toilet, has added another landmine to the path of destruction it is leaving behind.

What now? A recent bylaw will allow dogs access to the boardwalk. Doggies will now be able to urinate and leave behind fecal matter complete with bacteria, worms, and other parasites – right outside the terraces of the restaurants. Will the dog owners come equipped with mops and bottles of Lysol to disinfect Fido’s feces? Not a chance. Do you let your dog relieve itself on your kitchen floor? No way.

Ah, I love the smell of canine urine in the morning – fermenting in the hot summer sun. Bon appétit.

Even the most ardent dog lover will realize how this will hurt business even further – if that’s even possible! You know, it’s one thing to spend a fortune on a toilet, but making the whole boardwalk into one giant toilet for dogs takes the cake.

Keep up the good work, mayor and council – it won’t be too long before the province takes notice and considers putting you under trusteeship.