Forest going down? What irony!

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Forest going down? What irony!

From the Green Coalition.

Montreal, May 19, 2013. Hard on the heels of the Green Coalition’s 25th Anniversary celebration on May 9 and Albert Kramberger’s excellent Special Report in last week’s West Island Gazette comes a distress call from one of the Coalition’s member groups in Roxboro and D.D.O. “Mature forest going down on the border between Roxboro and D.D.O.”

Contrary to city policy: Losing this forest flies in the face of the island-wide agglomeration tree policy, the “Politique de l’Arbre” that calls for the urban forest canopy to be augmented – not diminished.

Contrary to PMAD: It also flies in the face of the much vaunted PMAD – the Plan métropolitain d’aménagement et de développement – that is committed to the protection of 17% of the territory of the Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM) by the year 2020. The PMAD also calls for the regional forest cover to be increased to a minimum of 30% of the territory from the current 19% – increased – not diminished. Right now only a shocking 2.1% of the CMM territory is actually protected as « aires protégées en milieux terrestres ». (Land-based protected spaces)

Biodiversité Urbaine conference: Ironically, just when this forest is under immediate threat, four representatives of the Green Coalition Board of Directors will spend two days, May 21 and May 22 at the Biodiversité Urbaine conference! (All Green Coalition participants are volunteers – the coalition has no office and no employees.)

More irony: Mayor Edward Janiszewski of Dollard-des-Ormeaux and Councillor Christian Dubois of Pierrefonds/Roxboro were prominent members of the CMM Commission that heard the presentation of an unprecedented number of briefs, almost 400 of them, at the PMAD consultations in 2011. The vast majority of participants demanded the protection of the CMM’s last natural spaces and agricultural lands in urban and periurban milieux and they demanded these green spaces be linked together in a greenbelt network for Greater Montreal and Southwestern Quebec. They demanded a greenbelt like those of other world-class cities, such as Toronto , Vancouver , London and Berlin . Toronto ’s Greenbelt , at almost 2 million acres, is now the largest in the world! Green Coalition is proud to have mobilized citizen participation at those hearings.

Green Coalition stands ready to help and support its member group in defense of the Roxboro/DDO forest – Le comité pour un environnement sain à Dollard des Ormeaux Roxboro (CESDDOR).


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