Highway 40 Congestion

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The APRPR or Association Propriétaires & Résidants Pierrefonds-Roxboro Proprietors & Residents Association, has an interesting site and a page devoted to the North South Boulevard. Check it out.

Seems like Mayor Worth is doing her best to eliminate all green spaces in this area – I guess leaving Pierrefonds-Roxboro worthless, so to speak. In passing, this project, which for now has thankfully been killed by the PQ because they hate us, is laughable. All it will do is dump tons more traffic onto Highway 40 – both East and West. That’s just what taxpayers want: more traffic congestion and more people on the West Island. More stress on our infrastructure. More people lining up at the Lakeshore ER. More people fighting for ice time at the hockey rink. But mainly more people choking the 40 so that we spend even more time commuting.

So who would benefit from the BS road? Well the developers would – because without this road they can’t build. It’s as simple as that.

The urban boulevard will cost around $15 million, and Worth said it will allow accessibility to an area where they are hoping to build 6,000 homes.


The irony is just incredible. The PQ, by hating the West Island, is actually protecting us from our politicians and their developer friends. Too funny.

Thank GOD we have elections in November. Let’s get these people out of office before they destroy everything we moved here for.