Money before Health

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Just like the crooked politicians in Montreal who put the interests of organized crime and developers before the interests of their taxpayers, Hydro Quebec is now placing profits over health for its customers. They want to introduce “self-reporting” meters to replace the existing ones. Interestingly, the new meters will breakdown within 10 years whereas the old ones last 35 years or more. Pirates will easily be able to hack into these new meters as well. But the greatest risk is to our health – we still don’t know the consequences. During the 60s it was cool to smoke and considered safe. Right. It will be interesting to see if SADB’s council joins the fight with other West Island municipalities or just bends over for Hydro Quebec.

Source: The West Island Chronicle
Hydro-Quebec smart meters spark fears in West Island

“Hydro-Québec considers the emissions of the smart-meter to be under the threshold of Health Canada Safety Code 6. The code takes into account the elevation of body temperature for six minutes. The way metres work is that they send extremely high impulses and then nothing for a certain period. So when you average a peak with zero, you end up with an average to almost zero,” he said.

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