Ste. Anne revisits charity policy

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The editorial in the West Island Chronicle by Marc Lalonde really should make all citizens sit up and take notice. The Mayor is described as “embattled” which is quite an understatement given all the controversies he and his administration have spawned and all the ridicule this once proud town has been subjected to.

The article unfortunately doesn’t go far enough. It mentions all the Mayor’s “missteps since assuming the mayoralty”. For example:

pushing for a new quarter-million-dollar toilet on the city’s boardwalk and the seemingly endless reconstruction of Ste. Anne Street


But it doesn’t mention all the other problems this Mayor has brought:

  1. The PPU – a retarded, ill-conceived development plan that will only benefit 1 developer while hurting all the citizens of Ste Anne.
  2. The miserable state of the downtown core, how business after business is going under – even though millions were spent to renovate the main drag: our downtown looks likes a street from a third world country.
  3. The considerable debt that the city is accumulating – will we eventually be bankrupt? Apparently the interest on one loan alone is over $700,000! Source:
  4. The inability of the current Mayor and council to work with provincial counterparts on the busted overpass – it’s been years now. What a fiasco!
  5. The ongoing flooding and sewage issues in the North Sector.

The list could go on and on and on. Elections are in November. We need a new Mayor who will be fiscally responsible, who will put an end to this current PPU and put the interests of the taxpayers first, a Mayor who will never flush thousands of our hard earned dollars in shitty golden toilets, someone who will help revitalize our industrial sector, someone with vision who will restore the downtown core to its former glory. After all, enough is enough.