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Source: CJAD News

As much as I hate the PQ I was really glad to hear about this on the radio. The Liberals and their crooked West Island Mayor buddies might not get to further develop the West Island. As if we need and want more development. This 6 lane artery would have brought thousands more cars, from new developments, into Highway 40 – making the traffic congestion even more unbearable than it is now, if that’s possible. Fact is the West Island can’t handle its current population – just try to get into the ER at The Lakeshore Hospital to see how overcrowded we’ve become.

The Parti Quebecois says the Liberals’ plan to help build a 6-lane boulevard west of the St-Charles is “not a necessary project” for the provincial government.

The Liberals had promised last summer to put down $40 million for an interchange onto highway 40, while the road itself would be paid for by the city of Montreal.

The street would have run north-south from Gouin boulevard to the 40.

But, today the Transport minister says Law 22 on the agglomeration of Montreal sets out the new on-ramps and interchange, as well as the road, as municipal responsibilities.

“We can not pay for a part of the road under the responsibility of the municipality. We pay for the Quebec (government’s) roads,” says minister Sylvain Gaudreault.