A Residential PPU

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Although we don’t want any development in the eco-territory, it’s very curious that the current PPU would want to push for residential development rather than industrial when the latter is much more beneficial for the city coffers. Why should the land owners benefit rather than the city and its citizens?

Dorval contributes $70 million to island agglomeration, most of all suburbs
Source: The Gazette, Read the whole story here.

“It’s based on the fiscal evaluation plate. We have the biggest industrial/commercial valuation. That’s why we pay the most (of reconstituted municipalities),” Dorval Mayor Edgar Rouleau said. Generally, non-residential properties are taxed based on a much higher mill rate than residential properties, which accounts for Dorval’s $70-million quota. For instance, this year Dorval’s mill rate for residential properties is set at $0.9046 per $100 of valuation, while it charges $3.5158/$100 of valuation for industrial/non-residential properties.