The Year of the Mayors

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In 2012 we saw Mayor after Mayor go down in flames in the Greater Montreal area – corrupt pieces of garbage, pawns and/or supporters of organized crime getting their just deserves. In 2013 this trend will likely continue as the Charbonneau Corruption Inquiry progresses through its mandate. Honest taxpayers are fed up beyond belief of the autocratic arrogant dishonest elected officials who think their constituents serve them rather than the other way around. Just take a look at what is happening in St.Bruno, talk about ultra-abuse of power.

Another fight which will continue to be at the forefront will be the battle to preserve the few remaining green spaces on the Island. Montreal is constantly in the top 10 cities for the worst traffic in North America and could eventually take the title for the most polluted. We already own the title for the most corrupt. My hope for 2013 is that citizens from many municipalities will unite to support the efforts made by the green coalition and others to protect the few areas that we are fortunate to enjoy right in our own backyard on the West Island.

Green citizens are not tree huggers or animal lovers. Sure they want to keep the environment and wildlife as a legacy for their children. Obviously they realize that green means less pollution, less illness, and overall a higher quality of life. But they also realize that being against development also means retaining property values – the collective millions of dollars that we as citizens have invested in our homes and gardens. It also means keeping taxes from skyrocketing to pay for all the new infrastructure costs and additional services that accompany development and urban sprawl. Screw the developers.