Democracy – Nazi Style

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This video has to be seen in its entirety to be believed. Citizens at council meetings in St. Bruno being removed by 2 policemen or policewomen at the whim of an ultra-despotic Mayor. Totally DISGUSTING. If the citizens of St. Bruno have any balls they will petition this mayor out of office, the faster the better. As one citizen said, this is great way to waste taxpayer money – two cops arresting citizens while houses are being robbed and drunk drivers are racing the streets.

Click here for the Youtube video.

Read the coverage in Lapresse: Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville: controverse sur la présence policière

Une vidéo intitulée Sécurité publique ou contrôle politique? a été vue plus de 30 000 fois depuis 2 jours. On y voit le maire de Saint-Bruno, à la séance du 3 décembre dernier, demander aux policiers d’expulser quatre citoyens.