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It’s incredible how West Island Mayors prefer the interests of developers to those of their citizens. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be Christmas all year long?

Please read and pass this on:

Good evening friends and neighbours,

There has been a plan to rezone Elm Plaza. The new zoning would include 3 storeys that would intrude on the privacy of the homes that surround the Plaza and depreciate the value of our properties. Only developers and contractors benefit financially. Mayor and Council have not listened kindly to our repetitive request to retain the old zoning of two storey -which is what we signed up for when we purchased our homes. Councilor Baird and Councilor Massad have been very supportive to try and block the densification initiative.

We need your help. Please circulate our facebook page to encourage others in our zone to show their support by signing the register on Dec 6 between 9-7pm.
Unfortunately we have a small window of opportunity to motivate almost 200 people to go to city hall during a work day and exercise our democratic right.

We would like to invite you to our facebook page