Ste. Anne breaks promise

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Our Mayor and Council were voted in on a green platform? That is too funny! Boy did we get screwed.

Ste. Anne breaks sustainability promise
François Lemieux, The West Island Chronicle

Ste. Anne de Bellevue may have approved a new sustainability plan with great fanfare last month, it already seems as the city is going back on its promise.

“It’s a step backwards. You have to walk the talk. We know now where the council stands.

That’s not a lot considering we are spending money here and there building expensive toilets for $250,000. It’s about the environment and about being consistent with the sustainability plan. It makes no sense,” said Hawa.

Best quote of the day:

Councillor James Anderson later told The Chronicle that even though the council was all for having hybrid cars, the technology is just not cost-effective as we speak for the use of public security in the city. “Every time you turn on a light inside, the flashers or speak on the radio: gas is used.

Gas is used by the radio? OMG. On which planet? That is so sad.