Public PPU Announcement

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Received this email this morning. Encourage everyone to visit this new site.

To all of you,

In May, The city of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue held a public consultation with regard to the proposed new Urban Plan (PPU) for our sector. At that time, residents requested improvements to the City’s proposed plan as well as requested that a new consultative committee be established that would include direct resident involvement.

On September 27, following an election process established by Council, Michel Belleau and Lucie Marceau were confirmed as resident representatives to the Consultative Committee.

In the spirit of openness and recognizing the importance of sharing information, a group of concerned citizens have created this blog in order to provide a vehicle for all citizens to share their thoughts with regard to the PPU (activities, information, exchange of ideas and concerns). We invite you to consult this PPU blog in order to share your thoughts.

We invite you to tell your neighbours and friends interested in the development of the new PPU about this blog, so that we may continue to share information.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Note: Doris Miller is our representative from the South with McGill University Student Julien Mallard as a replacement. Joseph Iasenzaniro is the substitute for the North.