PPU – Nothing but negatives

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The current PPU – a plan to destroy the green spaces in the North Sector and replace them with condos, apartments, and cheap housing which will only benefit the developer – doesn’t offer any benefits for the citizens. There is an incredible body of research to support this. So why do we still see development and construction. Ask Mr. Zambito.

Let our Mayor and Council know you are against unwanted development in Sainte Anne de Bellevue by voicing your concerns at each council meeting.

Urban sprawl has a negative impact on the quality of life in many ways. As suburbs grow, more commuter traffic strains the infrastructure. Infrastructure consists of the basic facilities, services, and machinery needed for a community to function. For example, roads and bridges need maintenance. More cars on the road for more time adds to air pollution, too. Also, sources of water, such as rivers or underground aquifers (layers of water-holding rock or soil), become depleted. Urban sprawl also has other costs. The cost of providing streets, utilities, and other public facilities to suburban communities is often at least 25 per cent higher than for high-density residences in a city. Urban sprawl also separates classes of people. When those in upper-income brackets choose to live in outlying areas, lower-income residents often become isolated in inner-city areas.

Source: Urban Sprawl. How can urban sprawl be controlled?