Montréal a la pire congestion sur le continent

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Montreal is one of the most corrupt cities in the world and now Montreal can boast the worst traffic in North America. We all were pretty sure that was the case, now it’s official.

Traffic is generally caused by our never ending construction projects, construction occurs because the work wasn’t done properly originally, and the work wasn’t done properly at the onset because there is more money to be made by redoing a lousy job than in doing it right the first place. Not to mention politicians and the mob getting their 2% – which encourages further construction.

Hard to believe there are still simpletons who think more development on the West Island is a good thing. Didn’t we move to Sainte Anne de Bellevue to avoid traffic? These same morons will accuse us of being tree huggers when all we want is to keep our taxes from increasing and our property values from decreasing – and in doing so we conserve our green spaces.

En fait, Montréal vient d’obtenir la pire cote parmi les principales villes nord-américaines pour la durée des déplacements durant les heures de pointe.

Pire même que des villes à la congestion notoire comme Los Angeles, New York et Toronto, selon le dernier relevé annuel préparé par la firme néerlandaise TomTom, fournisseur d’appareils électroniques de guidage routier.

Selon ce relevé, les déplacements dans la région de Montréal prennent maintenant 40 minutes de plus qu’ils ne devraient par heure de conduite, en période de pointe.

Source: La Presse