Much More Traffic

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Regarding the famous north-south boulevard between Gouin Blvd. and Highway 40. A study was done by a citizen’s group and concludes the obvious, that this boulevard will only cause more traffic headaches, not resolve them:

It is not clear how an additional boulevard on the west island will serve to alleviate the congestion that is already observed during rush hour on this stretch of 40E. This new boulevard will simply provide additional access to 40E that appears to be the limiting factor to the morning rush hour commute.

There is also the real likelihood that a new boulevard in west Pierrefonds will serve to trigger rapid development of 6000+ residences that Montreal and Pierrefonds want to build. This activity will likely contribute in the range of 6,000 to about 12,000 additional vehicles onto the roads in the west island and could serve to make morning rush hour even longer.

And yet we still have mental midgets who think development is a good for us!