The Secret Vote

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This week, on Thursday the 27th, two members of the North and two members of the South will be elected by secret vote to a committee which will decide the future of Sainte Anne de Bellevue.

This PPU committee will decide if we want the status quo (peaceful country living) or if we adopt the apocalyptic vision of a high densification PPU. Given the huge majority of the Northern citizens don’t want urban sprawl we are very confident that we will finally beat the PPU for good.

I hope whoever bought the remaining land from IQ realizes that we the people control the future of the zoning for the land they acquired (our public land) – in other words we will never allow anyone to develop on that land. The purchaser was warned in the prospectus that the land was sold as is. I guess they can write the deal off as a capital loss. Talk about capitalist arrogance.