No Show for Brasco

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Charbonneau Commission into corruption and collusion in Quebec’s construction industry resumes after three-month break

Looks like Donnie Brasco (Joe Pistone) never showed up. Sad state of affairs in Quebec if guys like him did show up in the first place, what a corrupt world we live in, right here at home.

The Charbonneau Commission will fix its gaze squarely on the worlds of organized crime and municipal politics in the coming weeks, with several high-profile witnesses expected to appear as public hearings resume following a three-month hiatus.

Source: The Gazette

Hopefully the citizen’s on our PPU committee, the vote takes place on September 27th, will be able to convince the rest of the participants that we don’t want construction and all its evils in our own backyard. We don’t want and don’t need urban sprawl, traffic congestion, higher taxes, decreased property values – all these negatives without gaining any significant additional services is the ultimate slap in the face for us.

Either leave the land as is or build an eco-park such as the one on Ile Bizard. Those who think development is inevitable are wrong, we’ve been through this chickenshit argument on this blog before:

Municipalities have the important powers to protect their natural environment. If exercised within the proper procedures, the exercise of these powers do not constitute “disguised expropriation”

It is therefore possible, strategically, for a municipality to decide that an area within its territory, which is a particularly rich natural environment, is not to be subject to development, simply by not allowing the infrastructure required to serve the area to be built. (art 116 of the Act)
These provisions of a zoning by-law would not be considered disguised expropriation because the legislature specifically permits it.

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