New Government

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First the good news, we are rid of Pierre Arcand as ministre de l’environnement. As they say, if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.
Goodbye Pierre, thanks for nothing.

Would have loved to see Kelley go as well, unfortunately even a chimpanzee could win in the Jacques Cartier riding – as long as the chimp was the Liberal Party Candidate.

Not that the PQ Minister of the Environment will be any better – can you imagine forcing the deer to speak French only?

In the final analysis it doesn’t really matter. The PQ won’t be around for long anyway. We will be back at the polls within a year or 18 months. Hopefully we can hold off the rape of the West Island until then.

Congratulations go out to newcomer Paola Hawa (our ally in the fight against our PPU) who did very well on a tiny budget against the big mean Liberal machine:

Hawa, a sitting Ste. Anne de Bellevue city councillor, took 15.04 per cent, a strong showing for her first provincial campaign.

Source: The Chronicle