We can beat the PPU

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We voiced our concerns loud and clear on May 28th. The Mayor and council heard us and they’re reconsidering their PPU. Because lots of us are on vacation during the summer, I bet they’re hoping the dust will settle and this will all go away. But we won’t let that happen. That’s why we need everyone to show up and continue to be heard at each council meeting.

The next council meeting is critical because they will present “a working plan” leading to a new PPU – we need to make it clear to them that we want to collaborate and participate in this new PPU. That’s why we need to better understand representation by “Secret Votes”.

Monday, August 20th 2012 6:30 pm Centre Harpell 60, rue Saint-Pierre

Councillors – You Elected Them.
You can also elect them out.

Our supporters
On May 28th only two Councilors publicly stood up and agreed to support the interests of the citizens of the North in redefining the PPU. You can email them:
Paola L. Hawa
Ryan Young

The others
The other gang won’t even tell us why they support the PPU – why won’t they? What’s in it for them, an empire with more golden toilets? You can email them:
Francis Deroo
Jay Van Wagner
James Anderson
Michel Bouassaly
Gerry Lavigne – doesn’t seem to have an email. You can phone him.

Email your councillors and ask them to ensure we have transparency and proper participation going forward on the PPU.

If they aren’t willing to represent your interests, ask them whose interests are they supporting instead?