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The fight isn’t just in Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Beaconsfield, Senneville, and other West Island communities fed up with unwanted development and incompetent municipal representatives. Witness this wonderful newsletter sent to its community members by a citizens’ group called the Glenway Preservation Association.

The similarities with this Ontario community are striking. Traffic, higher taxes – all consequences of poorly planned and unwanted urbanization rammed down our throats – only politicians and the developers benefiting.

York Region putting development money ahead of good planning, critics say


After reading this article (read it several times plus the comments and you’ll get mad) you can identify with massive changes in traffic congestion on both Davis and Yonge Street due to the big box stores and housing developments up and down Yonge Street.  Look at how busy Bathurst has become.  How did we ever live with 2 lanes instead of 4 during morning and evening commutes when today it is wall to wall cars and trucks?  Eagle Street is now a steady flow of traffic to and from the mall after work and on weekends.  It has also become a known short-cut to avoid Yonge and Davis for vehicles entering and exiting Newmarket to Hwy 400.

All of this affects our neighbourhood of 1,200 homes.  Just imagine the impact of 169 housing units from McGregor Farm (planned development according to the Town of Newmarket’s Official Plan) and Marrianeville’s proposal of 730 housing units for Glenway (unplanned development according to the Town of Newmarket’s Official Plan) will have on traffic along Eagle.  Imagine the mess that will result when the traffic from the hundreds of new housing units and 5 new intersections pours out onto Crossland Gate to get to Davis Drive and Alex Doner.   Glenway wasn’t developed to accommodate this kind of traffic!

Imagine letting your children walk to Crossland Public School in the morning by themselves as many do today!   Safely!  Then again your children may not be walking to Crossland Public School.  They may have to be bussed to another school as Crossland isn’t able to handle enrolment from an additional 900 households.

You already owe $1,840 per person due to planned development!

Encouraging development without enough good planning is commonly called “urban sprawl”.  Legislation determines the formula York Region has been using to determine what it charges developers to fund our infrastructure needs and is not sufficient.  “Development dollars” covers 71% of debt according to 2011 numbers provided by York Region.  User fees and miscellaneous revenues cover another 12%. That means you the taxpayer will have to open your wallet wider at some point to pay this debt.

Marrianeville Development suggests development of Glenway will help the Town of Newmarket meet its growth targets.  According to Regional Councillor John Taylor we are already on target and will easily meet the growth target set out in the Official Plans without the unplanned development being proposed for Glenway.  Regional Councillor Taylor has also stated property taxes won’t decrease as a result of adding housing development.

So what do we know?

  • We know new development is not a revenue boom for the Town/Region.  It does not decrease our taxes.
  • Marianneville Development’s 730 housing unit proposal for Glenway is not needed to meet the Town growth targets.
  • Glenway was not conceived to accomodate the infastructure (water/sewage/schooling/traffic) needs being proposed.
  • Marianneville Development’s proposed plan doesn’t conform to the Town’s Official Plan.  Developers don’t run our town – we do through our Mayor, Regional Councillor and 7 Ward Councillors.
  • Once open green space is developed it is gone forever.  We need to preserve this for our families, community and future generations to enjoy.

It’s time to take a stand against unplanned development so we can get our debt under control and have:

  • Services we should expect and tax rate increases that are supported by the Official Plan and not unplanned development.
  • Sufficient water to lessen the watering restrictions we live with for our lawns/gardens in the summer and lessen low pressure some residents of Glenway residents already complain about.  Even more important are the health and safety issues of enough water in the system for fire fighting and sewage.  We don’t need the urgent flyers of a few years ago telling us to adhere to watering bans as we may not have water to effectively fight fires.
  • Taxpayer friendly water/sewage infrastructure costs that are aligned to long term planned development projections.  We don’t need unplanned infill development for Glenway that accelerates the replacement costs of our existing infrastructure.
  • Open green space for current and future use by all residents to promote a healthy and welcoming community that supports a higher standard of living.  Once green space is lost it cannot be recovered.
  • Resident friendly traffic to prevent congestion especially inside our neighbourhood.  We don’t want Eagle Street to be like Yonge Street?  The flood of vehicles existing and entering Crossland Gate’s 5 new intersections will be chaos.  We want our safe, quiet streets and not mini-freeways!
  • Quality of education for our children without being told by your child his lunch period is 8:05am this semester due to scheduling issues caused by overcrowding.  You have to strongly consider what school you may be forced to bus your kids to if this development is approved.

It’s time to join the fight to protect our neighbourhood from unplanned and unwanted housing development.  Your Glenway Preservation Association is fighting for you. As we continue to gather facts, support, and information, we are working effectively to stand for you and your neighbours to protect your community and your investment. You will see more and more from us as we move forward to oppose this development proposal. This development is not a done deal.

Stand with us, support us, and move forward with us to protect our community.
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