Angry Citizens Post on Line

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Again, comments regarding even more land up for sale by IQ without public support. Yet the politicos don’t give a damn about us.
Source: The Gazette

Land Sale
Submitted by Furious in Ste. Anne on Sun, 07/29/2012.
KELLEY better beware this. Already St. Anne citizens are cheesed by the closures of two local overpasses, which started a year and a half ago, and about which nothing has been to date. There are many serious environmentalists in SAB, upset that a huge green space like this might be swallowed up by some developer. Then there is St. Anne’s own crazy plan to allow a massive housing development in the northern sector, that would double it’s population!!!! This at a time when you can barely drive Chemin Ste. Marie now. The road is in terrible shape, it’s extremely narrow and there is little prospect of getting the road widened. Try the drive in front of the Ecomuseum to see what we mean! And SAB is also allowing a BRAND NEW housing development, directly across from the Ecomuseum. Add to that congestion that is already in place every afternoon at the corner of Ste. Marie and Industrial Road. KELLEY and SAB Council all better beware this headlong, mad rush to unplanned and poorly conceived development. Most residents of SAB North came out to live amidst quiet greenery and away from big city noise and traffic. We will not accept these changes without a fight.