Another Reason to Kill our PPU

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Just what the West Island needs. Another 6,000 homes likely with 12,000 new cars. With it comes a brand new north-south boulevard. Unfortunately that boulevard will end up dumping all its cars onto Highway 40 where the traffic is already congested as hell, both east and west.

West Island highway plan rolled out on eve of possible election call
By Andy Riga, GAZETTE July 31, 2012

MONTREAL – Just in time for an expected provincial election, Quebec on Tuesday said it will build a $41-million Highway 40 interchange that will allow Montreal to complete a new north-south West Island boulevard. Officials said the road will relieve traffic on other clogged north-south arteries and will allow for more than 6,000 housing units to be built west of the new road.

Some residents are critical of the new road. “We keep hearing, ‘We need a road,’ but it’s never been clearly demonstrated this road will help,” said Lewis Poulin of the Pierrefonds-Roxboro Proprietors and Residents Association. The new boulevard will encourage developments that will add thousands of cars to West Island roads, he noted. It will also feed more cars on to Highway 40. “The 40 can only handle so many cars” and it’s already heavily congested at rush hour, he noted.

What’s truly sad is the incredible stupidity of our politicians. Particularly when it comes to math. Or is it just plain dishonesty? Either way, traffic will not get better on St. Charles. All you’re doing is adding a new development with thousands of incremental cars and supplying it with its own road. So essentially, the road is allowing the developer to develop and make his money.

What will get incredibly worse however is Highway 40, and this will adversely impact all West Islanders.

Another great reason why we don’t need development in Ste. Anne’s. The Mayor and council of Pierrefonds may feel it is their duty to encourage densification by destroying every square inch of green in their territory, good for them, but let Ste. Anne survive as one of the only municipalities in Montreal which isn’t 100% made up of concrete and asphalt – devoid of green..