Is Bill T starting to get it?

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We voted Bill Tierney out because of his eco-unfriendly nature (no pun intended) and voted in a Mayor and council who pretended to be green – yep, they sucked us in good.

In this Gazette opinion, Bill seems to be making some progress understanding the residents. He’ll never get my vote again though.

People living in our end-of-the-island communities traded in city life for a more tranquil lifestyle and more intimate communities. Does a dense development deliver this?

High-density housing is a form of development that works in cities, not in more settled, stable suburban villages. High-density development must be based on effective public transport. Our “development” communities don’t have effective transport.

Bill is essentially stating what we should all be aware of. The current PPU will destroy our “tranquil lifestyle” and replace it with traffic and crime like another west island suburb which will remain nameless. There won’t be any additional services such as mass transit because the STM doesn’t have any plans for better service and certainly no plans to extend Metro service out to the West Island.

For the STM alone, the 2020 Strategic Plan calls for overall investments of $11.5 billions for bus, métro and tramway projects, with $6.2 billions for asset maintenance, $3.7 billions for transit development and $1.6 billions for métro extensions.

Sadly none of that investment is for the West Island – all they talk about is improved commuter train service – right, as if we haven’t heard that one a million times before.

Source: STM Website