What is the PMAD?

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The PMAD is the acronym for Plan métropolitain d’aménagement et de développement. In English, they call it Metropolitan Land Use and Development Plan. It was adopted by the Quebec government on March 12, 2012.

The PMAD is essentially the framework for urban development for the Greater Montreal while PPUs are specific plans for municipalities.

From the Mayor of Montreal, Gérald Tremblay:

The main purpose of the Plan, which presents the CMM’s vision on land use and development for Greater Montréal, is to improve residents’ quality of life; it is also intended to enhance the area’s attractiveness and competitiveness. Three major priorities have been identified with a view to reaching these objectives:
Greater Montréal must determine the preferred type of urbanization to accommodate the projected growth of some 530,000 people (or 320,000 new households) by 2031, as well as the 150,000 jobs that will be created, keeping in mind that the space and financial resources available are limited and that a metropolitan boundary will have to be established.
Greater Montréal must optimize and develop existing and planned land-transportation networks in order to promote urban consolidation and sustain the growing mobility of goods and people.
Greater Montréal must protect and enhance its natural and built assets (waterways, landscapes, woodland areas and heritage complexes) to foster the area’s attractiveness.