Rethink the PPU

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Sainte Anne-de-Bellevue residents want council to rethink SPP

Residents of the northern sector of Sainte Anne-de-Bellevue, concerned over the proposal developed by the council, a special planning program (SPP) allowing for development in the 276- hectare territory that is currently privately owned were out in force this past Monday night seeking answers about the project.

Question period went on for more than 90 minutes and more chairs were required for the near capacity crowd. Citizens waited their turn to inquire about the future of the SPP following the very well attended public consultation held May 28 where many expressed concerns over the potential rise in traffic congestion, higher taxes and lower property values.

Ryan Young, who also heads the city’s environment committee, remained hopeful that once council meets in caucus about the SPP, that “anything is possible as no final decisions have been made yet.” When pressed by numerous residents on the project’s future, Mayor Francis Deroo’s mantra became “we will meet in caucus, revise the SPP and come back with an answer” for many queries concerning the project such as the practicality of completing traffic impact studies prior to starting the project, whether Kirkland is on board with the changes and whether or not the council will go through the large amount of feedback from citizens.

Young also told the assembled that since the May 28 public consultation, council had yet to meet to review the meeting. Some northern sector residents sought more answers regarding the Leslie Dowker Pumping station that often is taxed to capacity during inclement weather with sewer effluent ending up in some residents’ basements.

Source: The Suburban June 13th