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Source: Sainte Anne-de-Bellevue residents want council to rethink SPP

Very interesting read in the Suburban June 13th edition.

It gets you thinking about some very fundamental questions: Why won’t certain elected council members make their positions clear on the PPU? If there interests aren’t with their constituents, are they with the developer? If so, why? Again, why won’t they let us know where they stand? Who are they afraid of?

One citizen was concerned that the caucus meeting might not yield any results since, besides Hawa and Young, the other councilors have yet to break their silence on the issue.

As was the case on May 28, District 6 councilor Paola Hawa spoke out about the SPP while her colleague in District 5, Michel Bouassaly, remained quiet on the subject, as did councilors Jay Van Wagner, Gerry Lavigne and James Anderson.

The article goes on to suggest shockingly that a deal was already cut between the city and the developer. If this deal did happen before public consultation and before a vote it should be disclosed immediately.

Another resident asked about a letter between the city, the city of Montreal and Grilli noting that the plans have already been agreed on between the three parties.

When will we start getting the facts? When will the council start answering our questions? When will we know the truth?

Who will benefit from this PPU (SPP)?. It’s obviously not the community, not the citizens, not the taxpayers – not with the nightmare of densification.

And like their request to better hear the director general’s responses, the citizens of Sainte Anne-de-Bellevue will be seeking answers in the weeks to come over the course the city is taking in the SPP development slated for the northern sector

Source: Sainte Anne-de-Bellevue residents want council to rethink SPP