Something Smells in SAB

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When something smells really bad Anglophones use the expression “PU”. Apparently the expression PU is derived from the Latin puteo, which is Latin for ‘to stink, be redolent, or smell bad.’ Definitely a fitting expletive when discussing the P P U – as it definitely stinks.

But this posting is about the Golden Toilet. Sorry, you never heard about the Golden Toilet? Let me fill you in about this wonderful project. The Ste. Anne de Bellevue council will vote on a $200,000 + toilet on the boardwalk, tearing down the existing functional one (conical building) in the process. Why? Because one of the merchants, years ago, claimed it obstructed the view of the brown waters of Lake St. Louis, which itself is nothing but a giant toilet.

The toilet in question is that conical building in front of the town-hall parking lot, the one that blocks the view of the canal from one of the waterfront pizza restaurants. The restaurant owner whose view has been blocked by this toilet was never happy with the construction and frequently petitioned to have it removed or, at the very least, modified.

Source: Gazette Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One toilet for over $200,000? For that kind of money I hope it serves coffee and offers a complimentary wipe.

But seriously, is this fiscally responsible? Spending tax payer dollars to appease some merchant based on a promise the former mayor made many years ago.

Are you kidding me? I’ll pee directly into the lake or use the bathroom at Marco’s.

Let the merchant pay for his self-cleaning toilet.