Outrage in Ste. Anne

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There is approximately 1,100 cars in our sector. What you’re proposing here is an additional 2,800 cars and there is no plan to add an additional entrance or exit to our sector,” said Tom Broad.

Right now we have 1,500 people trying to make their way out of the existing exits to the district. I have nine-year-old twins who have almost been killed several times by motorists flying down Meloche. What is it going to be like with 6,000 people with essentially only one more exit?, asked John Thompson who also fears property value might go down with the project going ahead as planned.

The potential loss of green space was also a major concern of citizens. Green Coalition vice-president David Fletcher got a huge round of applause both before after his speech denouncing the urban plan as not sustainable.

Urban plan sparks outrage in Ste. Anne, The Chronicle, June 4th